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Find Unique Antiques that need a new home...

About is service of Commonwealth Estate Sales.  We specialize in selling your items on consignment.  However, we don’t just sell anything and everything, we only list and sell hard-to-find and rare, unique antiques on our site.  We want to be the premium online consignment website, known for our specialized inventory, fair listing prices, great service, and antique sales acumen.  We sell rare antiques, collectibles, furniture, classic cars, fine art, folk art, advertising, and more.  However, we will take a larger variety of items on consignment to sell on eBay or other local channels.  Let us find your goods and unique antiques a new home!

Consignment Commission Structure

Direct Sales Item Consignment Pricing:

-40% (or up to 50%) for items at/over $250

-50% for items under $250 Commission fee is % of the item’s final sale price (any costs we incur when selling may reduce the “official sales price”) when items sell directly.  We use craigslist, flea mkts, & more.

**Minimum $10 fee for each item/lot sold**

Indirect eBay/Retail Consignment Pricing:

-We sell a larger variety of items and also sell specialty items on eBay (indirectly).  The commission rate is 45% of an item’s sale price if it sells for under $1000, or, 40% if the sale price is equal/over $1000.  Shipping, packaging, eBay/Paypal, and/or other costs may reduce the “official sale price”.

**Minimum $15 fee for each item/lot sold**

Vehicle Consignment Pricing:

-Direct: 15-20%  commission of sales price (if applicable, buyer pays 3% CC processing fees)

-Indirect (eBay/retail): 20% commission of selling price (plus $100 to cover eBay fees if sells $2k or less, $165 if sells for over $2k ).

**Minimum $250 commission fee for Vehicles**


Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC, offers several other unique services including hosting estate sales, concierge buying, “organization and valuation”, “upscale yard sale”, and more.  We are based in the Richmond Virginia area, serving Central Virginia and surrounding areas.

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Costs we incur (shipping, packaging, authentication/extensive research, repairs, etc…) may reduce the “official sales price” which is the figure our commission and the amount of money you receive is based on.  For the sake of customer service and simplicity, when we offer free shipping (which will be most of the time), the actual shipping cost, eBay/Paypal fees, packing material cost (minimum $1 but can be more) is subtracted from the sales price to determine the “official sales price”.  Actual commission rates may vary and we reserve the right to alter rates.   We may offer our lower commission rates when higher value, prepackaged, or a larger volume of items are consigned together.  Thanks for your business!

“Our cluttered combined household is finally feeling like a peaceful home thanks to Adam's hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  It was such a relief to know that not only is he capable, but he's trustworthy.  He had found a client interested in an old grandfather clock of ours…  I didn't have to find, meet, or haggle with the client… My time and energy could be spent elsewhere.

-Rebecca T. Client Testimonial