By Commonwealth Estate Sales

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all clients and potential clients viewing this page or using our services.

-Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC ( will not share your information with any unaffiliated third party companies.  We will only share info with directly contracted third party companies that we may chose to contract with for our own advertising purposes, or, if moneys are owed we may choose to utilize a third party collection agency to recoup debts.  In general we will only collect basic information such as name, and contact info (phone number, email address, and mailing address) to be used during the normal course of business.

-If someone joins our contact list (the contact list for, they are also agreeing to receive contact under our accompanying websites (which are extensions and part of CES, LLC), and  Anyone can “un-join” our contact list by emailing us at with a subject of “Un-Join” and include their contact info.  Joining our contact list or un-joining our contact list doesn’t preclude us from advertising to clients or potential clients, it just allows us to know if someone wants more regular contact through group e-mailings from CES, LLC, or not.

This policy is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of CES, LLC, without prior notice.