By Commonwealth Estate Sales

Terms and Conditions of Services

These terms apply to all clients and potential clients viewing this page or using our services.

-”I”, “us”, “we”, “our”, and “” refers to Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC .  ”You”, “your”, “customer”, and “client”, refers to consumers and potential consumers of the services of Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC.

-Prices and services offered are subject to change at any time (including negotiating prices based on exact circumstances and services rendered) solely at our discretion.

-We have the right to accept or decline items for consignment from clients and potential clients solely at our discretion, without justification.

-Any promotions or discounts offered must be presented before signing a contract and discounts and promotions will only be applied to standard pricing.  We will not allow multiple promotions or discounts to be applied to one contract or event.

-If ever we are not compensated by a client for work performed, we reserve the right to collect that debt in any matter which we choose, at our sole discretion.  These methods include but aren’t limited to: taking a person/group of people or company to civil court to receive payment, and/or using any collection agency (or selling the debt to a collection agency), and/or if we are in possession of any property of any value (belonging to the client owing us moneys) we reserve the right to keep and/or sell that property as partial or full payment for any moneys owed us, at our sole discretion.  We also reserve the right to add a 25% non-payment surcharge to any moneys owed to us, increasing the amount owed as a penalty for non-payment.

-The sole court of continuing jurisdiction for any matters involving, is the Chesterfield County, Virginia courts.

-While we will do our best to properly store and protect the condition of any property your consign to us through the process of selling those items, but, we are not responsible for any monetary damages nor are we required to replace any items in the event of property loss when items are consigned through us.  You release us from all legal liability, have no monetary claim, and realize you are consigning items at your own risk.  We define property loss as having items damaged, lost, or stolen.

-Additional terms and conditions may apply to any other business dealings of Commonwealth Estate Sales, LLC, done through

-These terms and conditions are in effect for any of our business dealings, regardless if we provide contracts or other documents to you which do or don’t explicitly include this information.  Addition terms and conditions may also be in effect explicit to those specific dealings.

-We reserve the right to add or remove any “Terms and Conditions” at anytime without prior notice, at our sole discretion.

If applicable, the “Limited 14-day Return Policy” for some eBay purchases works as such (no exceptions):

1- You may not return an item because you changed your mind, for any reason, about buying/owning the item (examples: you don’t want it anymore; you found a similar item at a lower price; the item doesn’t coordinate as good in-person with a design scheme; etc…); the only acceptable reason for a return is if we’ve misrepresented the item in our listing (and haven’t notified you through a subsequent communication).  You may NOT accidently damage an item, nor, purposefully damage an item, then, request a return or insurance claim (if applicable).  If you receive a damaged item (beyond the condition represented in the listing/pictures), you must file a shipping insurance claim if shipping insurance was provided (we will not allow a return).  Insurance is often included, but not always (unless otherwise specified).

2- You must contact us by eBay message and request to make a return including the reason for the return.  We also reserve the right to request you to contact us by phone to discuss the situation.  We must approve your request for return (and we reserve the right to deny any request, although if the reason is reasonable, we likely wouldn’t).

3- You must provide us documentation if there is issue with the item (per our request, pictures typically).

4- In the case we approve a return request, at your own cost (you will not be reimbursed): you must properly package (so not to damage) and ship (with insurance and tracking) us the genuine exact item(s) we sent you in the condition we sent it to you/you received it.

5- Your refund will be a maximum of the sales price of the item (not including any shipping fees charged by else or otherwise), minus a 10% (of the sales price) restocking fee plus ALL our costs including: shipping and packaging costs (even if free shipping was offered for your purchase), paypal/eBay charged on shipping (appx 15% of shipping costs charged by carrier) and/or refund/return costs (if any), and any other costs.  We will disclose the costs of selling/accepting your return as a single sum, plus the restocking fee, and will not be required to breakdown how we arrived at that figure.

6- We will only process your refund after we’ve received the genuine item, in the condition we sold it to you.

7- Do not attempt to defraud us in any manner, especially by returning fake items, different from the exact items we sent you, or a more damaged version of the exact item we sent you.  We reserve the right to pursue recourse through eBay and/or legal action.

8- When more than one item has been sold as a group (aka “lot”), we will not accept partial returns (of just some of the items).  For items picked up locally, return policy is waived as soon as customer or recipient accepts item (customer may refuse accepting item, if this happens, customer must agree to mutual termination of purchase through eBay for refund and agree not to provide negative feedback).

9- The 14-day time frame of our policy reflects that you must request your refund within 14 calendar days from when your package has been tracked as delivered (or, if there is an error and tracking never reflects delivery properly, the 14-day time frame starts 5 calendar days after we shipped out your item).

10- We do not accept returns for items sold to buyers outside of the United States.

11- We ask that if you have an issue with an item(s), whether or not you may want to request a refund, you contact us with your concern before providing negative feedback on eBay.  We are honest and reasonable in our dealings, if we’ve made a mistake or there was a shipping issue, we want to fix the problem if at all possible.  Returns are a last resort option.

12- This policy may be changed, revised, or terminated (with the option of being retroactive to its inception) at anytime, at our discretion, without further notice.  However, we don’t anticipate needing to terminate our program unless it is abused by customers.

Above is the most up to date return policy we offer and is only in effect for some purchases made on eBay.